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Meditation Misdrection


[2009/02/11 6:08] Meditation. It was the sort of thing to bring peace to one's mind... to calm the voices of the soul... to find that inner strength. Unfortunately, none of these were Rhaven's as her mind's form wanders the dark twists and turns of what could only be described as a vista of darkness and shadows. Few things frightened the dark witch; one of the Messengers of the Raven. Her mother and her Goddesses; the former taken from her by suited hunters. This, though, most certainly did.
[2009/02/11 6:10] The Devourer: The edge of oblivion. A glimpse of the world to come..
[2009/02/11 6:11] Moving through the umbra midnight, tentacles reach for her, causing her to yelp slightly as she attempts to shy away.. successful, for the most part, but shivers of iced lightening do touch through the dark-skinned witch where they do connect. There was something alive about this place; her logical and calculating mind screaming to her to WAKE UP... but to no avail. She was caught... she was afraid... she was enraptured.
[2009/02/11 6:13] The Devourer: Raven's Song..
[2009/02/11 6:15] The Devourer: Not fully asleep.. or fully awake...
[2009/02/11 6:15] Rhaven Twine gasps, visibly trembling as she moves up the dark stairs.. in the dark building... in the dark land... under the dark sky. Her eyes long shifted to a lighter shade of purple, even in this meditative state, look about with apprehension. Her fear was obvious... tangible, but it was her training to stand firm regardless. With any luck, her knocking knees would remain unheard. "Who are you? How do you know my Name... my Higher Name; presented by the Ferry Man?"
[2009/02/11 6:17] The Devourer: I know everything etched in the mind of this being. An unbecoming gateway of spirit and flesh.. I know you very well..
[2009/02/11 6:20] "Who are you??" Raven Song reiterates in as commanding a tone as she could muster. This was her meditation, after all... right? Right?! She had control of it.... Right? She could only hope as a chin raises proudly; her jaw tense with the unfamiliar emotion of apprehension. "What do you want here?"
[2009/02/11 6:22] We exist as we always have until simple creatures.. try and define us with names. I've been called the Devourer..
[2009/02/11 6:22] And you.. Raven's Song.. will carry a new one in time..
[2009/02/11 6:27] Rhaven Twine gasps, her hand moving up to cover her mouth as she takes a step back, already trying to call on the gifts that were hers; the powers that would protect her. What the young witch might not have realized, though, was that this place... this darkness.. was far from her place of rest and peace. It was well off the beaten path and the only aspects of her Goddess', here, were not the sort to nurture and protect. "You!" She whispers hoarsely; it was supposed to have an exclamation but failed miserably as even her voice shook. "You have Faye!" This was the part where she would have made some sort of demand but, for the first time since a child, Rhaven didn't feel so commanding. "...release her."
[2009/02/11 6:31] The creature grins, "Would it matter? She'll inevitably be consumed by the cycle of all things. Be it me or them who do so, matters little.
[2009/02/11 6:33] The Devourer: She tried for so long to deny her visions, and her denial.. bred doubt in her heart. The taint left by the Tohu va Bohu.. gave birth to what I have become..
[2009/02/11 6:34] The Devourer: And the harbinger, liking it or not, released a new darkness on the world..
[2009/02/11 6:36] "It matters." Raven Song; Rhaven, insists, her hands clenching to still the shivering. "It matters to me and to who's aspects we are destined." No, Rhaven didn't know for sure that that was the case; she'd never spoken to Raven herself and barely had control of Omen, but she felt it to be so in her heart of hearts. "This isn't her time and you, most certainly, are not her destiny... " Rhaven pauses as the Devourer's words continue to come. "Harbinger?" She blinks, biting her bottom lip as she feels, even here, the pushing of Omen on her psyche.
[2009/02/11 6:38] He knows all too well denying fate or destiny is futile.. I've opened his eyes a little more, as soon you shall be. Then you will finally understand.
[2009/02/11 6:39] The Devourer: How well do you know yourself?
[2009/02/11 6:41] Rhaven Twine shakes her head, another inadvertent step back. "Me? I'll have no part of this." She says with some attempt at defiance. "I.... I will take steps to stop this. I will make our triad whole and..." Her voice falters at the entity's question. "I know who and what I am." Rhaven responds, again, trying to stand proud in spite of her fear; her eyes having lost their color completely, now.
[2009/02/11 6:45] The Devourer: We are eternal, all this pain is an illusion. The darkness has always been and will always be. Even now, demons have become content with this crumbling world instead of returning it to the beginning.. How it was before time began.
[2009/02/11 6:47] The Devourer: You are a fundamental key in this, and very few are destined to share fate with others in such a way.. can it really be coincidence you are here?
[2009/02/11 6:51] Rhaven Twine shakes her head, her dark curls bouncing in the drifting dream-breeze. "You brought me here." She responds, certain that that had been the case. "I am not supposed to be here. I will be no part of this." While she'd known, through her study of metaphysics the dark truth of the words, it was also her choice to believe that she could have a hand in changing things... making things better. Well, that had been the plan, anyway. "I refuse, and I will..." She would... what? Even she didn't quite know and, here, she could not seem to hide the uncertainty in her voice and posture.
[2009/02/11 6:54] The Devourer: Your doubt will fuel that darkness you carry in your own heart. That which wonders what truths the darkness really yields.. Only by looking for yourself will you find the answers you seek. They are closer than you realize.. and it's only a matter of time before the temptation is too great.
[2009/02/11 6:56] The Devourer: You are more than you give yourself credit for Raven's Song.. much more.. and your ignorance only holds you back from taking.. what it is you may wish to take..
[2009/02/11 6:56] The Devourer: How many worlds you could hold in your hand.. if you simply.. did.
[2009/02/11 6:59] Again, Rhaven shakes her head, her colorless gaze fixed on the form of the Devourer. "What is it that I wish, then?" She asks, frowning as she tries to formulate some means of coming out on top of even this situation; some means of helping her friends. "My powers have come, and will always come, from knowing that I can and the choice not to." At least, that was the plan for when she mastered her gifts.
[2009/02/11 7:02] The Devourer: How far do you plan to go never realizing your full potential? It will not help you, nor did it help Faye.. to deny yourself.. is simply a self imposed weakness..
[2009/02/11 7:05] Only the dead who've I've torn asunder know now what limitations bring.. And I've shown truth to the ones who have given themselves freely and opened themselves up to the darkness..
[2009/02/11 7:07] Her head still moving from one side to the next, Rhaven closes her eyes as thought to block out sight and sound. "Not a weakness...." She hisses through clenched teeth. "It is my strength. You only know the darkness. You only know taking people like The Messenger. Or destruction like the souls you've disallowed to cross the Styx." Beginning to look up, and around, Rhaven begins to back away, edging back toward the steps until she could figure out exactly /what/ she was dealing with as even her soul was telling her her Goddesses would be of no help here. "You need to release them. To let their fates play out without your intervention."
[2009/02/11 7:11] The Devourer: Everything has a season Raven's Song.. and mine is nearly at an end. You however, have such promise.. and my legacy in this world has been secure.
[2009/02/11 7:17] The Devourer: Death is but a transition, a blessing one gives when light is extinguished. I will die as I am, but live within a greater darkness. So is the cycle.. And you will be part of the play..
[2009/02/11 7:17] Rhaven Twine swallows hard, her hands still clenched as her nails dig into her palms. "My promise will have nothing to do with you. " She insists, shifting her weight from one foot to the next. "It will end with you and I will move heaven, earth and the hierarchy of the Abyss to ensure that." ...if I can, her mind finishes subconsciously. "I will do what I need to do to ensure my friends' safety and... you... Your hold on them will cease, on all of them." Even terrified, there was a quiet defiance. Even as she tried to work a means to wake herself up, she held firm.
[2009/02/11 7:20] The Devourer: Raven's bond is not the only tie that binds you. You share such a unique destiny.. I would not be here otherwise..
[2009/02/11 7:22] "What... what is my destiny, then?" Rhaven asks, snapping her gaze back to the Devourer, even as her inner self tries to chant like an old movie '...there is no place like home. there is no place like home.'. "Since you know." The quiet challenge issues. "Why am I here?"
[2009/02/11 7:23] The Devourer: Part of you.. wished to be.
[2009/02/11 7:24] The Devourer: You never need fear the darkness.. once you know it..
[2009/02/11 7:25] The creature grins, "We'll meet again..
[2009/02/11 7:27] Rhaven Twine shakes her head, watching the Devourer vanish before she could issue her denial. It wasn't possible... and she needed to do something. First, she looks around the room and closes her dream-eyes, she needed to deal with getting out.


Lessons For the Shelter


The following is an outline for lessons that I'll be giving at the Shelter. If I've missed anything that aught to be covered, and y'all see this, please let me know. I'm perfectly imperfect! ;D


The Omega Institute’s Rhaven Twine gives a lecture to RP newcomers and novices in Toxia to help enhance and improve their roleplaying experience.

1. RP Etiquette and Toxia: Combat sim vs Combat/RP sim – how not to beg for duels, sex or money.

2. OOC vs IC: You are not your character. Aesthetic distance

3. Backstory: Keep it clear and relevant.

4. Tenses and diction: You vs U. Past tense vs present.

5. Consent: Don’t Assume consent or action

Angelic Lessons to Learn

Days start as days do and this one started with a visit to the Library from a very delud… er… opinionate Fallen Angel.


[5:49] Temian Nightfire: *enters the building, looking around with a curious expression, thinking 'so this is where that girl spends most of her time'*
[5:49] GrrBrool Lykin turns at the sound ans smell of a new person
[5:50] Joah Menjou follows Grr's gaze. "Nightfire," Joah frowns.
[5:50] Temian Nightfire: we meet again Spirit Gal
[5:51] Rhaven Twine saunters in with a spring in her step, stomping snow off her boots from the upper floor. Stopping at the top of the steps, she takes note of the newcomer and her family. "Heya, Fam... and guest."
[5:51] GrrBrool Lykin: g'day Raven's Song
[5:51] Temian Nightfire: greetings
[5:51] GrrBrool Lykin beams at the Name's use
[5:52] GrrBrool Lykin: yup, come on in, i dont bite random strangers
[5:52] Joah Menjou's eyes flash with annoyance. "Rhaven... Gr... this is Nightfire," she says evenly. She turns to the angel, "I'd prefer you call me Joah. Or Praetor."
[5:53] Rhaven Twine grins softly, moving to stand with her mentor and sister-friend. Turning her eyes back to the stranger, she smiles again, nodding politely. "Merry Meet."
[5:53] Temian Nightfire: *lets his good eye wander up to the picture above the fireplace, keeping his gaze upon it he speaks to the two "well met indeed" brushing over her request her says "and that must be Omega himself?"
[5:54] Joah Menjou bites her lip, suppressing a smile while arching her brow.
[5:54] GrrBrool Lykin: err, no. Her Ladyship , well, you'll KNOW when ya meet her
[5:54] Joah Menjou: Indeed.
[5:55] GrrBrool Lykin: this is Raven's Song, one of our Scholars
[5:55] Rhaven Twine glances quickly to Joah, then quickly lowers it as she, too, suppresses a grin, motioning to the gathered seats. "Be warm and be welcome." She says, straightening. "If you need help finding something, please let one of us know."
[5:57] Joah Menjou folds her arms across her chest, studying the angle for a moment. As she does so, the flames rise slightly at her back. "Yes... that is if you have some other purpose for coming to the City other than your love of Oreos," she says mildly.
[5:57] Rhaven Twine smiles affectionately to Grr, seeming to swell at the use of her nomer, as well. "Indeed. Memory like a bear trap..." She pauses, looking quizzically to Joah. "Oreos?"
[5:57] Temian Nightfire: *lets a smile pass across his face and nods "I am just following up an invite to see the library, I think I aroused someones curiosity last night"
[5:58] GrrBrool Lykin: huh, well, here it is
[5:58] Temian Nightfire: *he focuses on Joah for a moment "A purpose for coming here? do you think if I had the choice I would've left my former existence?"
[5:59] GrrBrool Lykin: we got all kinds of learnins
[5:59] GrrBrool Lykin: i sure as hell would, i came here fer . ..err . .Arr and Arr
[5:59] Joah Menjou: You did. I'm wondering what bring's you to the City, Nightfire? Few come here of their own accord.... you say you had no choice in the matter?
[5:59] Temian Nightfire: *turns to the other female "yes or-e-os I was given some by Brit last night, very sweet"
[6:01] Joah Menjou returns to Grr's side and begins stroking his tail absently.
[6:01] Temian Nightfire: correct.....when you are cast out, do you think you have a choice in where you land? It is like a fist grabs you and slams you down to earth
[6:02] GrrBrool Lykin: i guess some lessons are harder than others, hey Sister-Lover?
[6:02] Rhaven Twine draws her hand up to stifle another giggle, unable to help herself, she looks sheepishly to her mentor and Praetor, flushing slightly as she blinks surprise and amusement before sobering at the turn of conversation; Nightfire's explanations.
[6:02] Joah Menjou: It would seem so, Beloved.
[6:03] Temian Nightfire: no angel fallen from heaven has a choice in the matter......I did not choose this but here I am .....we have but one choice....
[6:04] GrrBrool Lykin: huh, rough, i like my choices
[6:04] Rhaven Twine: Do you have... um... trials you must conquer?" Rhaven asks, serious now, "Or is this something to live out your remaining time... er... inasmuch as the immortal can live?"
[6:05] Temian Nightfire: take a near mortal form and walk amongst you mortals.....or slip into the corrupt visage of a fallen angel and live amongst the truly damned
[6:05] Temian Nightfire: I have no way to return.....this is a sentence for eternity....
[6:06] Joah Menjou: "The Three seem to have little tolerance for those who seek other ways," Joah murmurs, although she thinks that perhaps there are more choices than those cast out often know. She tilts her head. "The damned? You think us so?"
[6:06] Temian Nightfire: there is no fogiving, turn the other cheek god that those church goers like to fool themseves with.....
[6:06] Temian Nightfire: he is a jealous, harsh god, and he care not for the affairs of man
[6:07] Temian Nightfire: the truely damned are those that reside in what you call the Shadows
[6:07] Temian Nightfire: but it is said that anywhere that is not heaven is hell......
[6:08] Joah Menjou: Oh... there are many places Heaven resides... and traces of it are here.
[6:08] Rhaven Twine arches an eyebrow, her mouth twisted in a slight quirk as her gaze levels at the newcomer. "Who said? I know a number of places that are bliss. And who's heaven? Nirvana? Valhalla? Olympus?"
[6:09] Joah Menjou lays one hand on Grr's forearm, turning her head slightly to smile wrly at Rhaven. She can sense the dark witch's ire rising.
[6:10] GrrBrool Lykin: i can think a few places i'd rather return to than tha Great Forest. i'll tke that over Valhalla or Nirvana any day
[6:11] Temian Nightfire: *smiles* those heavens are shadows of what they once were, very few people believe in the old gods these days, a god needs worshippers, and although these churches are nothing compared to the temples raised in fear and awe of the gods, they provide many worshippers, a god will linger and never die without worshippers, but with them, that is when he gains true power for the acts one would expect of a god
[6:12] GrrBrool Lykin: well, i seem ta be doin on alright terms with my totem, as is Raven's Song there, and . . .i think . . . .
[6:13] GrrBrool Lykin looks at Joah appraisingly and smiles "some of us got a better idea than most, what awaits . . . "
[6:13] Rhaven Twine allows her eyelids to drop, her thick lashes shuttering the light flash behind as she shakes her head slightly. "Hrm.... Ionno what God.... Goddess.... Jehovah.... Yod-Hai-Vauh-Hai you came from... but I'm seeing, now, why you were sent." She chuckles softly. "You have sooooo much to learn."
[6:14] GrrBrool Lykin: we like ta know tha why's
[6:15] Rhaven Twine 's eyes flicker back open, a slight shade lighter than before as she takes a deep breath, straightening proudly once more to nod at Grr's words.
[6:16] Temian Nightfire: much to learn of the heavens? where I have soared and lived and know the maschinations of gods? you think an earth bound being can teach me of gods? *raises a brow* you presume much mortal born
[6:16] Rhaven Twine: Actually... Yes, I do. Or you'd still be there." She grins softly.
[6:16] GrrBrool Lykin: ha, says you, Feather,
[6:16] Joah Menjou drops her hand from Grr's arm and smooths her skirt. "Whys aren't always readily apparent. And sometimes... there simply is no why. But you'd be wise to listen to Rhaven, Nightfire. You .. of all people... should know things are not always what they seem."
[6:17] GrrBrool Lykin: it seems if ya had, mayhaps, known so much, maybe ya wouldnt have taken yer tumble, but, as ya say whats a mortal ta know. unless we still talk to tha Great Spirits, but, that'd be tellin . .
[6:19] Rhaven Twine adopts an expression of serenity; something new in her arsenal for those who knew her, as she nodded. "But you've just arrived, and we welcome you. You will learn... or not. We'll be here to offer you what information we may."
[6:20] Joah Menjou nods. "The Library is open to all," she says as she turns toward the fire, seeiming to warm her hands though the flames lick up as if seeking her touch.
[6:20] GrrBrool Lykin: true true, have a seat
[6:20] Temian Nightfire: *stops at that and half smiles "aye and you know I have a knack for finding out" he turns to the one they call Rhaven and says "gods are jealous beings, and when they feel another being has just as much love and devotion you give to them, if not more, then you find the fickle nature of gods....." he pauses, seeming tired now, tired and ancient......he sighs "but I thank you for your welcome"
[6:23] Rhaven Twine nods again, her light violet eyes now with an inner light that belied her years. "You're quite welcome. Again, if you have questions, we would be glad to assist. When you're ready, of course."
[6:25] Temian Nightfire: A mortal man with the name fo a god I met at the shelter calls you librarians, forgive me but what assisstance can librarians give?
[6:25] Temian Nightfire: *the question though sounding haughty is a genuine one*
[6:26] Joah Menjou smiles pleasantly. "We have many resources available," she says neutrally. "Perhaps if you'd care to enlighten us a bit further?"
[6:26] GrrBrool Lykin: i'll leave that to you to figure out, Feather
[6:28] Temian Nightfire: *is distracted a moment out of the window sensing and seeing another passing fallen, he snaps back into focus* What enlightenment do you seek?
[6:28] Joah Menjou: You've been rather vague about why you were tossed out, as you put it.
[6:28] GrrBrool Lykin: yup, thats what i wanna know
[6:29] Rhaven Twine slides her gaze toward Nightfire. Not speaking the words, but obviously reiterating what her family had asked with her expression, alone.
[6:30] Temian Nightfire: *he visably gets more tense, prickling at the question "I have told you the jealous nature of gods"
[6:30] pilgrim Larnia: are you alright grrr
[6:31] GrrBrool Lykin: jealous, yeah, got that, so what'd ya do?
[6:31] Joah Menjou turns from the fire, glancing at the stranger when she hears the question.
[6:31] GrrBrool Lykin: i'm good, pilgrim, met yer cousin here?
[6:32] pilgrim Larnia: My God is not jealous
[6:32] Rhaven Twine turns her gaze to the newcomer, smiling quietly. "Be warm and be welcome. If you need help finding something, please let one of us know."
[6:32] GrrBrool Lykin: good fer you, luv,
[6:32] pilgrim Larnia: thank you miss
[6:34] Temian Nightfire: no of course, your gods is a sweet loving god, who loves all, forgives all and care about the lives of all mortals *spits and walks out offended by the delusions of some of his kin*
[6:34] Temian Nightfire: *stops at the door and turns "I will return another time"
[6:35] the Library rumbles offended at the insult offered
[6:35] pilgrim Larnia: yes exactly
[6:35] Joah Menjou: "His spirit is easily wounded," Joah observes.
[6:35] pilgrim Larnia: He cares about all his creatures
[6:35] pilgrim Larnia: hey gun
[6:35] Gunlaug Naxos smiles " hello pilgrim"
[6:35] Rhaven Twine blinks and looks up and around, reaching a hand to the wall in what may have appeared to be an affectionate caress; a soothing of one... sentient.
[6:35] GrrBrool Lykin looks up at Joah and winks "im a creature"

What Is Omen

What is Omen

In the spiritual entity that is the Rhaven resides great potential, but she doesn’t know it.  To her, she is just a human spiritualist, Wiccan, with the paranormal (above normal) ability to manipulate spiritual energies.  This was how she was brought up, and as much as she knew before her parents had died.  They never had the chance to tell her the truth about herself, or about her own mother.


Since arriving in Toxia, though, much of what she is has been brought into play through one catalyst or another.  When she had arrived, there had been an unusual calm and wisdom for someone her age, and for very good reason.  The spiritual energies associated with Rhaven translate to emotion guided, at least for the extremes.  Too angry or too happy, and her Gifts become harder to control for her to control;  She’d never gotten instruction to do more that what she showed up doing; internalizing strong emotion.


Waking Omen


"For human kind to gain anything, something of equal value must be given in exchange."


When Rhaven acted as conduit to help heal the gravely injured Joah, a great deal of very ancient power went through her, displacing some of what was there and waking the part of her that was her destiny to, eventually, become:  Omen.  Omen, as the name implies, is the messenger.  What Rhaven learns, hears and observes, is all taken in by Omen.  Omen takes what’s learned and searches the spiritual realms for signs of import, advice to be passed along, as is her symbol… the Raven.


“Regardless of common European belief, the raven is not an omen of death and should never be feared as its messages are those that can benefit the listener.  The Creator did not make any evil creatures on Mother Earth.”


With her lack of emotional control, especially of late, The Omen has been proving hard and harder to control; easily pushing the host aside to make it’s feelings known or imparting a message.  At this stage, while people will fear what they don’t understand, Omen is only a messenger… a portent of things to come.


Still… after all of this and, especially since the host spirit is only vaguely aware of what’s going on within herself, Rhaven still thinks she’s just a paranormal; an unusual pawn in a large game of chess that she’s still trying to learn.


Lately, she’s left Toxia on brief outings to find Wiccan hallowed ground, in search of herself… of control, with very limited luck, so far.  She now wears a power gem on her forehead to, hopefully, help with her controls but since she’s one of very few ‘powered’ people, the other members of the circle could, likely, have little power more than faith… and it’s Rhaven’s own faith that keeps it mystically active and stuck to her face.

The Wiccan Rede

This is the long version written by Lady Gwen (Gwynne) Thompson

Bide the Wiccan Redes ye must,
In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust;
Live ye must and let to live,
Fairly take and fairly give;
Form the Circle thrice about,
To keep unwelcome spirits out;
Bind fast the spell every time,
Let the words be spoke in rhyme.

Soft of eye and light of touch,
Speak ye little, listen much;
Deosil go by waxing moon,
Sing and dance the Witches' Rune;
Widdershins go by waning moon,
Chant ye then a baleful tune;
When the Lady's moon is new,
Kiss hand to her times two;
When the moon rides at peak,
Heart's desire then ye seek.

Heed the North wind's mighty gale,
Lock the door & trim the sail;
When the wind comes from the South,
Love will kiss them on the mouth;
When the wind blows from the West,
departed souls have no rest;
When the wind blows from the East,
Expect the new and set the feast.

Nine woods in the cauldron go,
Burn them quick, burn them slow;
Elder be the Lady's tree,
Burn it not or curs'd ye'll be;
When the wind begins to turn,
Soon Beltane fires will burn;
When the wheel has turned to Yule,
light the log, the Horned One rules.

Heed the flower, bush or tree
By the Lady blessed be'
When the rippling waters flow
cast a stone - the truth you'll know;
When ye have & hold a need,
Hearken not to others' greed;
With a fool no seasons spend,
Or be counted as his friend.

Merry meet and merry part
Bright the cheeks, warm the heart;
Mind the threefold law ye should,
Three times bad and three times good;
Whene'er misfortune is enow,
Wear the star upon your brow;
True in troth ever ye be
Lest thy love prove false to thee.

'Tis by the sun that life be won,
And by the moon that change be done;
If ye would clear the path to will,
Make certain the mind be still;
What good be tools without Inner Light ?
What good be magic without wisdom-sight ?
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill -
An it harm none, do what ye will.



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